Matt Levesque Website A Gallery of Wildflowers from the Island of Newfoundland

The Notable Nature Series by Henry Mann (Note: To see the list of pdf files, scroll down towards the bottom of the webpage.)

Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador

Omphalina, the mushroom journal of Foray NL

Rhodora volumes 1-106.

Digital Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society

New Brunswick Botany Club - Club Botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick

PRÉCIEUSES TOURBIÈRES for those who read French this is an interesting powerpoint presentation from Québec about the importance of bogs

Links to reports on Newfoundland and Labrador "Species at Risk”. Provided by John Maunder

These 16 reports have been submitted to Government by the Species Status Advisory Committee [See: ]. The purpose of SSAC reports is to identify species at risk, and to assign a conservation status (ie. endangered, threatened, vulnerable) to each. All species reported upon are candidates for listing under the Newfoundland and Labrador Endangered Species Act.

Please note that some (or in some cases, a substantial amount of) distributional data, including maps, has been edited out of these online reports by Government, in the interest of preserving sensitive localities.

In the following lists, those species seen on WFS field trips are marked with an asterisk ...

Original reports by John Maunder: - Alaska Rein Orchid - Bodin's Milkvetch* - Cutleaf Fleabane* - Feathery False Solomon's Seal - Gmelin's Watercrowfoot* - Oval-leaved Creeping Spearwort* - Rock Dwelling Sedge - Sharpleaf Aster* - Shaved Sedge* - Tradescant's Aster* - Water Pygmyweed*

Original reports by Michael Burzynski: - Crowded Wormseed Mustard - Mountain Fern

Original reports by Claudia Hanel: - Mackenzie's Sweetvetch* - Northern Bog Aster* - Rattlesnakeroot*

Announcement of Rare Plants Added Under Province’s Endangered Species Act

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