June 13 2010. The pink lady slippers are in bloom on Mount Scio in St Johns.
Gene Herzberg

Cypripedium acaule

June 3, 2010. Andrus and Maria Voitk have just returned from visiting family in Tromsø, Norway and sent the following pictures. The first (courtesy of Google earth) shows the relative positions of the Hawke Hills and Tromsø. Of interest is the similarity of many of the species to those we can see at the Hawke Hills. Also of intertest is the date on some of the pictures. Maybe we shouldn’t complain about our weather on May 24th.

Andromeda polifolia

bee in the Loiseleuria

Cornus suecica

Empetrum hermaphroditum

Loiseleria procumbens

Rubus chamaemorus




general habitat

May 24, 2010 Judy Blakeley sent the following photos.

birch catkins male

bog myrtle female

bog myrtle male

marsh marigold


May 22, 2010 Karen and Gene Herzberg went to the Hawke Hills this morning. A few of the Diapensia lapponica were open but most of them all the Loiseleuria procumbens were still in very tight bud, none fully open. They both will probably be open by next weekend if we get any warm weather. A couple of pictures from their trip are below.
Diapensia lapponica

Diapensia lapponica

Loiseleuria procumbens

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