Plants of Gosse's Wetland, Torbay. Collected: June 30, 2012, Luise Hermanutz.


     "Fontinalis" sp.


Equisetaceae: Horsetail Family
     Equisetum fluviatile Linnaeus  -  Water Horsetail - [NF, LAB]

Onocleaceae: Sensitive Fern Family
     Onoclea sensibilis Linnaeus  -  Sensitive Fern - [NF, LAB]


Cyperaceae: Sedges
     Carex canescens L. subsp. disjuncta (Fernald) Toivonen  -  Silvery Sedge, Hoary Sedge - [NF, LAB]
     Carex nigra (Linnaeus) Richard  -  Black Sedge - [NF, LAB]
     Carex stipata Muhlenberg ex Willdenow var. stipata  -  Awlfruit Sedge, Stipitate Sedge, Fox Sedge - [NF, LAB]

Iridaceae: Iris Family
     Iris versicolor Linnaeus  -  Blueflag - [NF, LAB]

Juncaceae: Rush Family
     Juncus effusus Linnaeus -  Soft Rush, Bog Rush - [NF]

Poaceae: Grass Family
     Calamagrostis canadensis (Michaux) P. Beauvois  -  Bluejoint Canada Reedgrass - [NF, LAB]
     Grass sp.

Sparganiaceae: Bur-reed Family
    Sparganium sp. - Bur-reed


Balsaminaceae: Touch-me-not Family
      Impatiens capensis Meerburgh  -  Jewelweed, Spotted Touch-me-not - [NF]

Boraginaceae: Borage Family
     Myosotis laxa Lehmann  -  Small Forget-me-not - [NF]

Brassicaceae: Mustard Family
     Cardamine pensylvanica Muhl. ex Willd.  -  Pennsylvania Bittercress - [NF, LAB]
     Cardamine pratensis Linnaeus  -  Cuckoo-flower, Lady's Smock - [NF] [i]
             OR  Cardamine nymanii Gandoger [= Cardamine pratensis var. angustifolia Hooker]  -  Narrow-Leaf Lady's Smock - [NF, LAB]

Callitrichaceae: Waterstarwort Family
     Callitriche heterophylla Pursh subsp. heterophylla  -  Larger Waterstarwort - [NF, LAB]

Ericaceae: Heath Family
     Pyrola minor Linnaeus  -  Lesser Pyrola - [NF, LAB]

Lamiaceae (or Labiatae): Mint Family
     Lycopus uniflorus Michaux  -  Northern Bugleweed - [NF, LAB]
     Mentha sp. -  Mint

Montiaceae: Montia Family
     Montia fontana Linnaeus subsp. fontana  -  Water Blinks, Miner's Lettuce - [NF, LAB]

Polygonaceae: Buckwheat Family
     Rumex acetosa Linnaeus  -  Garden Sorrel - [NF, LAB] [i]

Ranunculaceae: Buttercup Family
     Ranunculus aquatilis Linnaeus var. diffusus W. Withering  -  White Watercrowfoot - [NF, LAB] [NOT water-milfoil!]
     Ranunculus flammula Linnaeus var. flammula  -  Lesser Spearwort [NF] [i]
     Ranunculus repens Linnaeus  -  Creeping Buttercup - [NF, LAB] [i]

Rubiaceae: Madder Family
     Galium palustre Linnaeus  -  Marsh Bedstraw - [NF, LAB]

Violaceae: Violet Family
     Viola cucullata Aiton  -  Marsh Blue Violet - [NF]  

Group Photo by Karen Herzberg

Green Dragonfly by Karen Herzberg

Green Frog by Karen Herzberg

Juncus effusus by Karen Herzberg

Red Admiral by J. Blakeley


Photo of the wetland by K. Herzberg

Madeline Florent and Luise Hermanutz discussing the wetland.

Irises and horsetails

Lycogala epidendrum

Pyrola americana

Ranunculus aquatilis

white-banded black moth on horsetail

Cinnamon fern

Gosse’s Wetlands

Blue Flag Iris and Horsetails

Gosse’s Wetland

Blue Flag Irises

by Carmel Conway

by Carmel Conway

by Carmel Conway

Wildflower Members Enjoying Gosse's Pond by Carmel Conway

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